AMMP Mission

To build socially-organized autonomous communities by:

1) Training skills-persons/trades-persons in community (i.e. social justice and community organizing)

2) Training community members in applicable skills and trades.


To fulfill this mission, we are driven by our Three Steps of Change: history, power and direction. By rooting our communities in History, we seek to unlearn the fabricated narrative of ourselves that we’ve been given, arm our people with a foundation of how we’ve arrived in this social climate, and begin to create the rhetoric necessary to educate the next generations. By building Power and understanding its concept relationally, we seek to hone in on the talents and crafts found among our people, back the Black and Brown businesses of our neighborhoods, bridge networks, and learn essential skills and trades for our livelihood (i.e. gardening, self-defense, cooking and meditation). By centralizing the Direction of our communities, we seek to apply our understanding, skills and numbers to collectively reclaim leadership of our communities, address the social issues that affect our communities, and shape the future of our communities as we wish to see them.